Capital Markets

Evolving global capital markets reveal that growth-focused private companies and governments looking to fund infrastructure and social development projects require considerable profitable capital.

While companies benefit increasingly from stocks and financing, governments on the other hand, focus on asset privatisation through private partnerships. This variable climate makes capital markets one of the most sophisticated and dynamic areas of the financial ecosystem.

Affiliated with the Ministry of Treasury and Finance and operating under the İFC superstructure, the Capital Markets Board of Türkiye (SPK) was founded to ensure widespread public participation in economic development; to regulate and supervise transparent capital market operations and to protect the rights of domestic and international savers. The SPK also attaches huge importance to international cooperation and compliance with globally-established principles and standards, all of which promise to aid the continued development of Türkiye’s domestic market.

The İFC also offers direct access to Borsa İstanbul (BIST), which is among the world's most liquid and modern trading platforms, with its innovative and market-friendly approach. Despite adverse market conditions in 2020, BIST net profit exceeded TRY 1.4 billion with a 43 percent increase when compared with the previous year. Türkiye's capital market has significant growth potential in terms of both supply and demand. As of 2021, BIST has more than 2.1 million investors, 54 percent of which are domestic and 46 percent are foreign investors.